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 Important: Must Read

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Jesus Little

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PostSubject: Important: Must Read   Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:28 pm

Hi everyone, this is our new Forum. The reason I have spent time into creating this this webpage is to have a place we can access at any given time and anywhere in the world. This serves multiple purposes; Most importantly to make your journey through our Management development program easier. When I started in the business back in the UK, my progress was slowed because of the time I had to wait to get the answers I needed. When you need information about something nowadays you can easily just Google it, there's thousands of books and webpages where there is a ton of information about anything that you need to know, from how to tie a tie to quantum mechanics.

When you need information about something in our business, you can't just Google it or look at a book. You either have to go to your notes (Which can be very extensive if you've been with us for a while) someone else's notes or actively ask someone. This takes time, effort and sometimes leads to things being unresolved for a few days because of forgetfulness or laziness, especially if we need to ask someone about something and there's no one around to ask at that moment in time.

This Forum eliminates all of the problems above mentioned, for it's a permanent website that you can access instantly through your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. If you forgot or don't know a specific area of our business, you can search it here. This Forum will be our HQ, our library and communication centre, where you can ask, share, search and learn anything that you want.
I know that if there was something like this when I started it would have made my life much more easier from the start, so now I have invested my time into making your life easier.

This Forum also adds a new level of organisation that no other Crew has anywhere in the 16 countries that we're in. It adds the social aspect, where we can get to know more about each other as well as having somewhere to go if we're lost.

In order for this Forum to serve it's purpose, we must all take our part to keep it active, by keeping communication flowing in all the different areas of it, sharing our own story with others and encouraging people to use it. If we do all of this, we will have something that no other crew has, giving us an edge over everyone else.

Thanks for reading!
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Important: Must Read
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